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The All New Roll Out Show is LIVE Monday – Thursday from 11AM (ish) to 3PM PST and Fridays from 8PM to 11 PM. Comedian Speedy, Nikki Pam, and Tangie Ambrose bring you NON-STOP laughter with a twist. Lot’s of celebrity gossip, raw and uncut footage from Hollywood’s hottest Actors, Artists and Comedians. You don’t want to miss a beat with these hosts as you never know who will be a guest on The Roll Out Show.

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Keepin it 100% of the time! No fake allowed! Hosted by Adam Welton aka DJ Mad Hatter. Every other Tuesday at 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM LIVE on Roll Out Studios
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The Al Rucker Show – Monthly (dates vary)
The Al Rucker Show, is a show for everyone. It goes behind the mainstream topics and gets the voice of the community; which is not just the voice of you and me but the voice of us all.
Nationally syndicated in 10 markets based out of Texas at Amazing 102.5 FM

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Mid-Day Mix
The Official DJ For The Roll Out Show

  • IG @Djronc7

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Lakeisha Speaks Tech

The Lakeisha Speaks Tech Show  is LIVE every Wednesday from 9AM to 10AM PST. Lakeisha will bring you tips and tricks to having a successful business online through technology and digital marketing. With her successful business guests, and tons of knowledge, this show is a much see or listen.

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Comedian Speedy

Veteran Radio Host Comedian Speedy began his radio adventure in 2007 on Foxxhole Radio Sirius XM doing his infamous show “Speedy’s Comedy Corner.” Speedy’s show was then known as the best comedy podcast on radio and paved the way for others to come.

Lakeisha Speaks Tech

Lakeisha Singletary is the CEO of Elevate Digital Media (EDM) Inc. Using strategic and innovative technology solutions, Elevate Digital Media Inc. helps government agencies, nonprofits, and businesses accomplish their tech and digital media goals. They

Al Rucker Show

In 2015, Al Rucker was approached by KCOH to be the host of a weekly talk show. Although Rucker had no radio hosting experience, he jumped at the chance because he knew he could use this platform to encourage and entertain listeners.

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